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Barbara Fama- The Next Chapter

Barb Fama Retires TAP

Barbara Fama, who brought the utmost precision and care to her position as TAP’s chief financial officer, retired on May 31, 2017 after more than 40 years of service.

Barb began her career at TAP in 1974 as a volunteer, at the same time working at TRIP as part-time office manager. Since 1977, Barb oversaw all aspects of TAP’s operations from the weekly coffee order to the annual audit. She acted as liaison to the board and multiple funding institutions. She managed the finances for School 10, the Rice Building Inc., Empty Bowls and Breathing Lights.

“Barb’s attention to detail assured the fiscal health of TAP and the well-being of our employees, making possible the delivery of excellent architectural services.”

She will be missed in our office, and as Barbara enjoys her retirement TAP will be holding strong the foundation she helped build. A thank you to her service, kindness, and selflessness that was a pillar of what TAP is today.

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