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TCLB has secured funds from the New York State Division of Homes & Community Renewal for exterior improvements to homes in North Central Troy.  The Program is designed to benefit private homeowner occupied properties in North Central Troy.

(See map for eligibility area)

Maximum Grant Award $18,000 per recipient

Eligible Work

  • Exterior painting

  • Repairs to exterior siding and/ or trim

  • Repairs to masonry

  • Window replacements

  • Repairs/replacement of stoops

  • Other exterior façade treatments such as stucco, brick veneer

  • Accessibility Improvements

  • Lighting & Landscape

Expenses to complete work for the façade program will be paid for by TCLB directly to the contractor. At no time will funds be provided directly to a homeowner or other recipient.

TCLB and TAP, Inc. will review applications for eligibility.

TAP, Inc. will determine scope of work.


Eligibility Checklist

  • I’ve owned my home longer than 4 months

  • I’ve paid all my property taxes

  • I have property insurance

  • My income is at or below 80% Area Median Income 

  • My address is within the borders on the map                 


  • Eighth Street, Winnie, Craigin (East)

  • The Hudson River (West)

  • 103rd Street (North)

  • Hoosick St (South)

Eligibility Borders

Please reach out with Questions!

518-274-3050 x 21

TERMS AND CONDITIONS & How the Façade Grant Program Works

  • Applicant must complete and sign an application and provide all required supportive documentation to be eligible for consideration.

  • Owner must allow visits by staff members of TAP.

  • Owner must work with TAP to develop work scope and eventually approve the created/proposed work plan.

  • Applications will be reviewed and accepted or denied based on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications will be date and time stamped upon receipt.

  • If a packet is missing document(s); applicant will have 2 weeks to provide documents in order to preserve their place on the waitlist

  • Owner occupants who have resided in their home for over ten years (10) will have priority. Their applications will be selected from the wait list first.

  • After receipt of completed application, The Troy Community Land Bank and TAP will review for eligibility.

  • If applicant is eligible, an appointment will be scheduled for TAP staff to visit the property to review needs and discuss project work eligibility with the homeowner.

  • TAP staff will determine a scope of work for improvements to the façade, and will also ask homeowner if they would like an energy assessment, free of charge.

  • If applicant is interested, TAP staff will also arrange an energy audit and provide guidance for the homeowner to seek separate funding to address energy consideration work. (Energy assistance grant funds are not included in this program. A free energy assessment is included)

  • TAP staff will return for an appointment to review the proposed scope of Façade Program work and obtain homeowner approval.

  • Grant agreements will be mailed or emailed to the homeowner.

  • Homeowners will be required to sign and return to the grant agreement within 30 days of receipt.  

  • Work will be scheduled for Fall of 2024 depending on contractor availability and weather.

  • Homeowners must be willing to allow contractors to complete work on their homes when scheduled. There will be minimal opportunities for scheduling changes.

  • If a homeowner is not able to accommodate the planned construction schedule within a reasonable time frame, the grant funds could be rescinded.

  • TAP and the Troy Community Land Bank will oversee the construction. All work will be done professionally and to the City of Troy code enforcement standards.

  • Troy Community Land Bank will pay the contractor for work performed.

  • When TAP confirms that the work is complete, there is no further requirement by the homeowner or by Troy Community Land Bank. The grant agreement will be closed out. 

  • The Troy Community Land Bank reserves the right to make amendments to these guidelines at any time.

Application and Required Documentation

Required Documents

  1. Completed Application

  2. Verification of Ownership (Deed, Tax bill, or mortgage payment receipt)

  3. Certificate of Insurance

  4. Demonstration of Income (W2's or other wage statements, IRS Form 1099's, Tax filings)        

TCLB Façade Program c/o TAP, Inc.

210 River Street

Troy, NY 12180

Mail or deliver application and materials to:

or email to:

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