TAP fosters inclusive and sustainable community development in the Capital Region by providing architectural, planning, and design services to strengthen and preserve the physical and social fabric of our neighborhoods.


 We are able to discount our fees for qualified projects due to operating grants from NYS Homes & Community Renewal, NYS Council on the Arts and the generous support of many foundations and individuals.  

History of TAP

TAP is a private non-profit community design center operated by a board of directors. TAP provides design and planning services to low income people, neighborhood groups and other non-profit organizations wishing to improve their homes, buildings and neighborhoods.

TAP was founded in 1969 to provide professional technical assistance to disadvantaged citizens and others in need of affordable building design services. Among its far-seeing and idealistic founders were students and professors of architecture, local attorneys, neighborhood residents and other  people concerned with the livability of Troy neighborhoods.

TAP's first board of directors - 1969

1969 on Hutton St.

TAP began its work in a storefront on Hutton Street in Troy, one of many capital region neighborhoods threatened with demolition in the 60's and 70's. Working at first as a volunteer organization, TAP built parks, ran summer art programs, and helped battle exploiting landlords and ill-conceived urban renewal projects. With the advent of paid staff in 1972, TAP continued to develop its professional and architectural skills in support of other non-profit agencies, low and middle-income clients, and in public policy battles on behalf of residents of the inner city.


Today, TAP employs eight professionals, and enjoys the contributions of volunteers and interns from local colleges. Three of TAP’s staff are licensed architects. TAP’s work each year includes well over one hundred projects throughout the Capital District of New York State. Our non-profit clients serve victims of domestic violence and racial bias, HIV-positive people, the homeless and physically challenged, and economically disadvantaged families. We work directly with neighborhood associations, cultural organizations, municipalities and veterans agencies. Though our roots are in Troy, our influence and services now extend throughout the Capital District and beyond. TAP is also a member of the Neighborhood Preservation Coalition of New York State.

The majority of TAP’s budget is generated by fees for services. TAP seeks government and foundation grants to develop and implement innovative projects. New York State  Homes and Community Renewal, is TAP's most reliable grant source, but we have experience with dozens of granting agencies and foundations.  We also enjoy donations and gifts of materials and services from friends of the program.

the 1970's at the TINC Center

TAP’s First Project

The local issue that coincided with Whitney Young’s 1968 speech and the spark that created TAP was the Hoosick Street Bridge and Arterial proposal; a plan for an enormous full cloverleaf interchange at the very heart of Troy’s low income and minority neighborhood. TAP fought it by proposing alternatives and challenging the EIS, joined by many other adversely affected areas. In the end the bridge was built, but was substantially reduced in scale to combat the destruction of the downtown neighborhood. Though the construction of the bridge still cause serious issues for the neighborhood, TAP's proposal greatly reduced the overall impact of the bridge.

From that first project we have grown and expanded our reach over 46 years.  Our CLIENT LIST illustrates the variety of our work and the commitment we hold to improving the city environment for people of all types, abilities and incomes.

TAP began as an experiment in community service with students and volunteers providing technical assistance to those who needed and could not afford it. We have expanded to become an integral part of the non-profit housing delivery system in the region. Since 1969, TAP remains unorthodox, passionate, idealistic and persistent- an effective ally to those in need.

the 1980's on Fulton Street                                             the 1990's at 210 River Street                                                   2016


New York State Governor’s Arts Award

Rensselaer County Council on the Arts

            - Dwyer Award

Council of Community Services
            - Program of the Year, Bridge Coalition

Preservation League of New York State
            - School 10 Apts. Affordable Housing Award

Preservation Merit Award
            - Aids Council of Northeast NY Offices

Capital District Community Loan Fund
            - O’Shaunessy Award

Chamber of Commerce Citizenship Award
            - Joe Fama, TAP Executive Director

Neighborhood Preservation Coalition
            - Meritorious Service Award

Preservation League of New York State
            - The Rice Building

Historic Albany Foundation
            - Preservation Merit Award, 326 Clinton Ave.

            - Adaptive Reuse Award, Firehouse to Offices

National Trust for Historic Preservation
            - Cited TAP, Inc. for its work with the City of Troy’s in rem process.
            - “Best Practices Toolkit for Historic Preservation and Redevelopment"

New York State Empire Award
            - RPI Neighborhood Renewal Program

Historic Preservation Society of Saratoga Springs      

            - Merit Award, Rehab of house into senior housing units

Troy Architecture Practice PLLC

In accordance with NYS law for the practice of architecture, the registered architects at TAP Inc are partners of Troy Architecture Practice PLLC.  Tap Inc. and Troy Architecture Practice PLLC collaborate in order to make architectural services available and affordable to those in need.   

Troy Architecture Practice PLLC  operates from 210 River St., Troy, NY 12180 

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